Many homebuyers tend to debate the topic of a one-story vs. two-story. If you find yourself more inclined towards a two-story house, this type of floor plan comes with several benefits to support your decision.

Below we have put together the top ten benefits of living in a two-story house.

They Are More Affordable

Although they tower more than single-story homes, two-story homes are surprisingly economical to build. A typical modern two-story house is taller instead of broader and therefore has a smaller footprint. This brings about construction savings because your 2 story house needs less foundation and roofing structure (the two most expensive parts of building a new home).

On a smaller scale, a 2 story house saves you money because you’ll need less plumbing and wiring materials since utilities have less distance to travel. The fact that a 2 story house costs less per square foot to build is one of the top reasons why homebuyers favor this option.

They Are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to a one-story vs. two-story house, a two-story trumps once again because of the energy-efficient aspect. Given the same square footage, a two-story house has a smaller surface area than a single-story home, meaning there’s less exterior and roof area exposed to the weather. In addition, less plumbing material is used, reducing the amount of heat lost as water moves from point A to point B, translating to lower heating and cooling costs.

A two-story home can also be environmentally friendly by leaving you with more outdoor space due to the smaller footprint. You can use your yard space for various eco-friendly activities like composting, harvesting rainwater, and gardening.

They Provide More Square Footage

Modern Two Floor Apartment With Wooden Stairs and Living Room With TV Open to Kitchen

A 2 story house offers plenty of living space for such a small footprint. Because you’re building up instead of spreading out, you can build the perfect modern two-story home even when you have a smaller lot. This is popular in urban areas because it allows neighborhoods to maximize space while still allowing homeowners to have yard space for their lawn, garden, and outdoor structures.

By stacking your living space, you will have more floor space per room. Spacious and airy rooms are a popular feature that will make your modern two-story home more relaxing, comfortable, and great for entertaining.

They Offer More Privacy

When considering the pros of a one-story vs. two-story house, one of the most outstanding benefits of a two-story is offering more privacy. For instance, if you live with teens or older family members, the separation of bedrooms can be a lifesaver when you need some time to yourself.

The separation between entertainment areas and bedrooms also means that there’s less disturbance if you want to retreat to your bedroom for the night. This privacy “feature” of two stories is why a two-story ranch house has become a common option (most ranch houses are single-story).

They Offer More Options to Expand

As mentioned, a two-story is more compact, so you’ll have more outdoor space and more options for expansion. If you choose a two-story ranch house, you can still add to the existing structure. For instance, you might want to add a garage to access the benefits of a home with a garage. Sometimes, your attached garage space might not be enough for your needs. In that case, you can use the extra space to construct an additional structure. Besides a garage, the outdoor space can also be suitable for a swimming pool, backyard shed, or patio.

They Allow Access Beautiful Views

When looking at the benefits of a one-story vs. two-story house, you’ll find that a double-story is the best option if you’re buying your home in a beautiful neighborhood. For instance, there are new homes for sale in Raleigh, NC, an area well known for some of the most beautiful views in the home. If you haven’t considered buying a two-story ranch house before, you won’t want to miss out when you discover the impressive, expansive views.

They Offer More Security

Besides providing you with more privacy, a two-story also offers more security. Generally, the bedrooms in a modern two-story house are located on the upper floors, so you can sleep with more peace of mind, knowing that intruders and burglars won’t have easy access to you.

According to experts, the master bedroom is often the first target in a home invasion because burglars believe this is where homeowners hide all their valuable assets. But with the bedrooms higher up and out of the way, burglars are more likely to be deterred. Having better security is always a great motivation for choosing a two-story ranch house if you’re a homeowner.

They Can Be Healthier

The benefits associated with two-story homes also translate to a healthier living space. For instance, the views high up can be very relaxing if your neighborhood has great scenes. In addition, you’re free to keep the upper windows open to let in clean air while allowing more natural light to stream into your home. Because of your home’s compactness, you also have a personal outdoor space to enjoy when you need to destress.

They Have Many Flexible Designs and More Curb Appeal

Luxury House at Sunny Day in Vancouver, Canada.

Two-story homes allow for a variety of impressive designs and flexibility in terms of the floor’s layout plan. Depending on your family, you can choose to have all your bedrooms upstairs or have the master bedroom downstairs. Overall, there are many two-story home plans you can choose from.

Double stories are more impressive when it comes to the design, mainly because you have more attachment points to integrate porches, balconies, and bump-outs. This versatility allows you to optimize your home’s look and maximize its curb appeal.

They Hold Value Better

When choosing between a one-story and two-story home, there are a lot of considerations to make to ensure you get the most out of your property. If you look at the multiple benefits of two-story homes, chances are your home will have a better resale value. Features like a beautiful view can motivate people to pay more should you decide to sell down the line.

Is a Two-Story Home Right for You?

What do you think about these benefits of living in a two-story home? Do you feel motivated to buy your newly constructed two-story house yet? At Mornington Estates, we are in the business of helping new homebuyers experience, first-hand, the benefits of living in a two-story home.

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