Ranch style homes are quite popular. These are mostly single-story homes that are usually constructed with an open-concept layout. Most of them also have a devoted patio space. Ranch style houses are usually built with long, low-pitch roof lines and big windows on the front of the house. ‏

‏While most ranch style homes are rectangular, they also come in many shapes and sizes. You can find some with a “U” or “L” shape. Other characteristics that set these homes apart include the sliding glass doors that may or not open onto the patio, wide roof eaves, and an accompanying garage.‏

‏There are several new ‏‏ranch style homes for sale in Raleigh NC. While their name might suggest something old and outdated, these homes are making an interesting comeback. No matter your budget, you will most definitely find something that will suit your taste. Another interesting feature about these homes is that most of them have a finished basement that can be used as an extra bedroom, gym, or office. Read on to find out most about the new ranch style homes for sale in Raleigh NC.‏

‏The California Ranch‏

‏The California ranch was originally designed by Cliff May. This home style has some quite distinctive features that set it apart from the other types of ranch style houses. To design this house, the architect drew inspiration from Arts and Crafts bungalows and Spanish haciendas. ‏

‏The main idea behind the ranch style house was so that it could blend easily with the landscape surrounding it. The earlier California ranches were usually constructed using local building materials like stucco and brick. Most of them had either an L or U-shaped design, and they usually had a spacious courtyard surrounding them. This type of design and space encouraged harmony and indoor and outdoor life. There are several of these new ranch style homes for sale in Raleigh NC. ‏

‏Though the idea later spread to other cities, the California ranch did not lose its integrity. The following traits are what define a true California ranch house: ‏

  • ‏Ground Hugging design, usually with very deep eaves and low roofs.‏
  • ‏Constructed using local materials like stone, brick, and wood. ‏
  • ‏A generally flat facade, entry covered by a gate, limited number of streetside windows with gardens in the backyard.‏
  • ‏A U or L shaped design that is one room deep.‏
  • ‏Feature horizontal windows and sliding glass doors.
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‏The Suburban Ranch‏

‏This ranch style home was designed sometime around the mid-20th century. It was meant for middle-class Americans looking to raise their families outside the city centers. This type of house was greatly influenced by the informal ranch design. However, the suburban ranch took a more modern approach and a more minimalistic design pattern. ‏

‏The builders took an assembly-line approach and constructed these houses on concrete slabs. However, they are a lot smaller than most suburban ranch style homes while still retaining the open floor plan and the easy access to the outdoors.‏

‏These are the features that define a suburban ranch style home:‏

  • ‏An open-plan‏
  • ‏Limited interior walls‏
  • ‏Usually single-story‏
  • ‏Level with patio and backyard‏
  • ‏Asymmetrical layout ‏
  • ‏Attached forward-facing garage‏
  • ‏Low-angled gabled roof‏
  • ‏Diamond-shaped windows‏

‏Split-Level Ranch‏

‏The Split-Level ranch is a lot like the suburban ranch. However, this style of house has an additional double-story section dividing the primary level on one side. The front entrance of this house gives access to the living spaces. It usually leads to the den, dining room, or kitchen. ‏

‏Inside, you’ll most likely find a half flight of stairs near the entrance. This leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The other one gives access to the laundry space, the garage, or the recreation room, if any.‏

‏This type of house offers:‏

  • ‏Traditional styling‏
  • ‏Discrete living and bedroom spaces‏
  • ‏Features that are appropriate for sloped lots‏

‏Raised Ranch‏

‏This style of house is a bit different from the others. Unlike the California ranch, the raised ranch has two levels. To create more living space, the designers of these homes moved the garage and other utilitarian spaces beneath the living spaces. ‏

‏This house is often referred to as the split entry ranch. This is because the front entrance opens to a flight of stairs. When you go up the stairs, you will find the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen as well. If you go down the stairs, you will find the garage and other spaces that are generally not open to guests. ‏

‏Although these houses feature an extra floor, they still retain horizontal roof lines and minimalist exterior decor that you see on most ranch homes. This style of house has the following distinct features:‏

  • ‏Two levels,
  • ‏A lower level that is built below grade‏
  • ‏The entrance is at a grade midway between the two floors.‏

‏Raised ranch style houses are often set up on a raised foundation. They come with a finished basement which can be used as a living area or bedroom. The raised ranch is quite cheap to build, and it is also a good solution when working with raised water tables. One of the factors that make them quite easy to build is the drive-under garage. These are far less expensive than attached garages. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this style of home was so popular back in the day.

Raised Ranch House

‏Storybook Ranch‏

‏This style of home is also known as the Cinderella ranch. It gets its name from the decorative details that you find on its exterior. Unlike the other types of ranch style homes, which are generally plain, the storybook ranch appears to be something that came straight out of a fairytale.‏

‏The distinctive features include its exposed rafters, whimsical trim, and several diamond-shaped windows. You will also notice that most of them have ornamental shutters and flowering window boxes. These are undoubtedly the most charming and ornate of all the ranch style homes.‏

‏Because of their name, most people who come across the name “‏Ranch Style Home‏” usually picture something out of the wild west. The name might even inspire thoughts of cowboys and horses. However, this genre of architecture has a life beyond the countryside. Most people love these homes for their versatility and flexibility. ‏

‏What do you think about our list of ranch style homes? If you are inspired, and you are thinking of moving into one, then you are in the right place. Contact us today for more information about ranch style homes and how we can help you get your own. At Mornington Estates, you will definitely find something that suits your budget and preferences.‏