Many energy-efficient houses are being constructed in Raleigh to satisfy the rising demand for green homes. You will find that nowadays people prefer an energy-efficient home‏ ‏because of its several environmental, economic, and social benefits. For example, these energy-efficient houses conserve water, and they have lower operating costs. Read on for more information on environmentally friendly homes in Raleigh.‏

Features of Energy Efficient Homes in Raleigh‏

‏There are several features that you can find in energy-efficient houses design. The majority of these fittings are chosen to promote energy efficiency, reduce emissions and make the home greener. Here are some of the features you will find in energy-efficient homes in Raleigh. ‏

Raleigh Energy-Efficient Homes with Smart Design

Modern House Construction. Solar Water Heating (Swh) Systems Use Roof Solar Panels. Home Skylights, Dormer, Ventilation. Eco Smart House Energy Efficiency.‏The construction of energy-efficient homes in Raleigh starts with a smart house’s design. The designers and architects who come up with energy-efficient house designs are quite familiar with all the energy efficiency steps needed to build a green home. They also take great care to ensure that the energy-efficient home is designed in a way that allows builders and subcontractors to bring designs to life as cost-effectively as possible. For this to happen, there is detailed communication between the builders and designers. This ensures that there are no critical energy-efficient house design details that fall through the cracks.

Low ‘E’ Windows‏

‏Low-emissive (Low-E) windows are made using glass that has been treated with a transparent metal coating. This treatment ensures that the surface of the windows reflects heat and allows only light to pass through. Research shows that these types of windows can significantly reduce energy consumption. Additionally, they also decrease the fading of fabrics and make the interior of your home generally more comfortable. The basic idea with low ‘E’ windows is to keep radiant heat on the same side of the glass where it was produced.‏

‏Roof Systems With Radiant Barriers‏

‏Energy-efficient homes in Raleigh also feature radiant barriers on the roofs. These barriers are usually installed in attics and are part of the home energy saving system. The main idea behind this installation is to reduce summer heat gain and lower the costs of cooling homes. The radiant heat barrier used on these homes is made from a highly reflective material that stops the roof from absorbing heat. Instead, the heat that reaches the roof is reflected, and this prevents the roof from getting hot. If heat is not reflected, it heats the roof and ends up in cooler areas of the attic, where it can find its way into the air ducts and into the home.‏

‏Programmable Thermostats to Reduce Electricity Usage‏

‏To lower energy bills, energy-efficient homes in Raleigh come with programmable thermostats. This allows the owner to tailor the heating and cooling to their work and sleep schedule. Using these thermostats, it’s also possible to preset the times heating and air-conditioning will automatically turn off and off. The advantage of these programmable thermostats is that they can store and repeat multiple daily settings. The most advanced will store six or more temperature settings a day and they also allow you to override these presets without affecting your weekly program. ‏

‏Instead of running heating all day, even if you are away from your energy-efficient home, a programmable thermostat can help you set the heating to low when you are away. This can help you save a lot of money, sometimes as high as 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill. You can do the same during the hotter months. To do this, you simply need to allow your house to be warmer when you are away and then lower the thermostat setting only when you are at home. This is a clever way of integrating technology into the home energy saving system.‏

‏Energy Star Appliances ‏

‏Energy Star certified appliances can be found all over energy-efficient homes in Raleigh as part of the home energy saving system. These appliances can help you save a lot of money on electricity bills. Apart from that, you can also save a lot of water. For instance, an Energy Star certified dishwasher can save about 1,300 gallons of water over its lifetime. ‏

‏Most of the energy that is used in the United States is generated by burning coal and natural gas. These processes release tons of greenhouse gasses, and this contributes greatly to global warming and climate change. By fitting Energy Star certified appliances into ‏energy-efficient‏ homes in Raleigh, homeowners have significantly reduced air pollution and global climate change. Also, by reducing water consumption, these appliances are helping to protect lakes, streams, and oceans.‏

‏Benefits of Owning a Green Home in Raleigh

Side View Pleasant Young Woman Using Smart Home System or Activating Modern Alarm System Before Leaving Apartment‏There are several benefits to owning a green home in Raleigh. First, these homes are environmentally friendly, and their construction utilizes less energy than building a conventional home. Also, when building a green home, you can use recycled and reused materials, which will greatly reduce waste. Apart from using recycled materials, green homes are also built to be a lot more durable than conventional homes. This also contributes to how they reduce waste over time.‏

‏Green Homes Use Less Energy and Water than Conventional Homes.‏

‏If you are interested in using less energy and water, you must strongly consider looking at energy-efficient houses in Raleigh. These homes are designed to reduce power usage, which can save you a lot of money over time. Apart from the design, the homes are also fitted with Energy Star-rated appliances, enabling you to save even more energy.‏

Health Benefits of Staying in a Green Home‏

‏Apart from saving money, energy-efficient houses in Raleigh come with several health benefits. For instance, the air quality in energy-efficient homes is way better than in regular homes. Apart from that, during the construction process, builders use safe products that do not emit a lot of chemicals. This means that you will be less worried about your health when you stay in an energy-efficient home in Raleigh, and that is one more benefit to add to the list.‏

‏What do you think about energy-efficient homes in Raleigh? If this topic interests you and you are planning to make your home more energy-efficient, you can contact us today. We promote the construction of energy-efficient homes, and we have worked with a lot of homeowners and buyers who were interested in the same. Because of our experience and previous work, you can trust that you will get the best advice from us.