Most of your friends will be thrilled if you tell them that you plan to buy a home with a backyard swimming pool or to build one. A pool provides a great opportunity for people to socialize while getting relief from the hot summer sun. This is probably why so many homes in Raleigh North Carolina have swimming pools – it regularly gets above 86 degrees Fahrenheit in summer.

Don’t get too caught up in your excitement though. A swimming pool is not only an asset – it can also be a liability. Study our list of swimming pool pros and cons below before you make a final decision.

The Pros of Having a Home Swimming Pool

1. It Enhances Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal. A well-designed swimming pool will transform your whole backyard into a personal haven. Imagine this area with a swimming pool. Now imagine that the pool has features like an infinity edge, flowing waterfall, colorful tiles, and water features. And at night all of these are brightly lit. Get the picture? A pool in backyard is a magnet for friends and neighbors who want to come around for a relaxing visit and a couple of drinks. After all, what better place can there be for a party than a backyard swimming pool?

2. It Increases Your Happiness And Improves Your Health. On the list of swimming pool pros and cons, this one is undoubtedly one of the biggest pros. Many people who own homes in Raleigh North Carolina have to cope with moderate to high stress. As a matter of fact, in a poll that was conducted in 2011 around 44 percent of Americans said their stress levels were higher than five years ago. After a hectic day at work, stress relief is important for improving your family life. By enjoying a dip in your pool in backyard after a long day at the office you can get vital stress relief while at the same time also getting much-needed exercise. Swimming is a proven low-impact activity to boost your mood and keep you healthy.

3. It Can Save You Money. Let’s face it: going out with the family can be an expensive exercise. Four movie tickets, four popcorns, and four sodas will make a serious dent in your wallet. And taking your spouse and the kids to your nearest family restaurant might cost even more. A pool in backyard can deliver endless hours of family fun. And it also gets everyone away from their smartphones and computer games for some serious bonding time.

4. It’s a Great Option If You Have An Injury. A home swimming pool is a great place to recover from an injury with a gentle form of exercise. It’s also a good option for pregnant women and people with a disability such as asthma or arthritis to get some exercise without overexerting themselves. A swimming pool is also an excellent option for people who want to build muscle without having to beat up their bodies.

5. It Increases Your Home’s Market Value. You can spend a lot of money in an attempt to boost your home’s market value, but few of them will give you the same return on capital as a pool in backyard. A pool is a timeless and durable feature that will always attract buyers’ attention.

Many real estate agents will testify to the fact that it’s not uncommon for a small home with a backyard swimming pool to fetch a better price than its much larger counterparts without a home swimming pool. This is true not only of  homes in Raleigh North Carolina but also of nearly any other place in the US.

Front View of Happy Diverse Couple Toasting Glasses of Cocktail While Relaxing on a Sun Lounger Near Swimming Pool

The Cons of Having a Swimming Pool in Backyard

By this time you can probably not wait to sign on the dotted line for that home with a backyard swimming pool. Don’t be in such a hurry. You have to be aware of all the swimming pool pros and cons before making a decision. So please keep reading.

1.Your Energy Bills Will Go Up. When studying swimming pool pros and cons, you should be aware that your new swimming pool will further chase up your already high energy bills during the summer months. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars extra per year for the additional electricity needed to run the pool pump etc. A heated pool is worse. One with a heat pump can cost around $100 a month extra, while one with an electrical resistance heater can cost up to $600 per month extra.

2. Your Home’s Value Might Not Increase As Much As You Expect. If you expect your home’s value to go up with the same amount as the cost of the pool, you might be sorely mistaken. Although this might be less true of homes in Raleigh North Carolina , it is definitely an issue if you live in a fairly cold part of the country and your home isn’t in a high-end neighborhood. Yes, the price of your home will normally increase, but it’s unlikely that you will recover the full cost of the home swimming pool.

A swimming pool could even turn off potential buyers who don’t like the extra expenses and work that come with it.

3. Pool Maintenance Is Expensive. Being the owner of a home with a backyard swimming pool means you will have to attend to regular and costly maintenance tasks. Experts, for example, recommend that you clean your pool every week when it’s in use. You will also have to test the pool’s pH level to make sure it doesn’t become too alkaline or acidic. When this happens the water can cause corrosion to the pool equipment and it’s no longer safe for swimmers.

4. Swimming Pool Repairs Are Even More Expensive. A common repair many owners have to deal with is when the swimming pool’s lining tears. A fairly small tear can be repaired by a professional for a few hundred dollars but if the whole lining is damaged you might have to fork out close to half of your monthly salary. Other expensive repairs could include leaks and faulty pool filter pumps and heaters.

5. Swimming Pools Come With Safety Risks. According to the CPSC close to 300 kids under the age of 5 drown in backyard swimming pools every year. This is why many local authorities require owners to install a safety barrier around a residential swimming pool. You might also think about increasing your insurance policy’s liability coverage just in case you get sued by an angry neighbor who hurt his ego when slipping and falling into your brand new pool.

6. The Novelty Wears Off. While the kids are young you will no doubt share many golden hours around the swimming pool. By the time they get to high school, however, their interest in spending time around the pool with mom and dad will be replaced by much more important things such as girlfriends and boyfriends. You will still be paying the same maintenance costs though.

Cleaning Swimming Pool of Fallen Leaves With Blue Skimmer in Summer Time

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all the pros and cons of having a swimming pool, you should be able to make a more informed decision. Regardless of the type of home you want, we can help. Our Morningside Estates development in Southern Wake County, Raleigh, NC will boast a wide selection of custom-built ranch-style and estate homes featuring contemporary farmhouse architecture in a beautiful natural environment. Please feel free to leave a comment below or visit our website to learn more about this exciting opportunity.