Anyone who’s planning on moving to Raleigh NC has so many great locations to choose from. That’s why we’ve come up with a shortlist of the best Raleigh neighborhoods with plenty to offer everyone.

Get to Know Oakwood

With its palatial Victorian homes set on neatly manicured lawns, historic Oakwood is an unforgettable mixture of warmth and charm. These homes have been painstakingly built lot-by-lot over time, attracting visitors who enjoy walking the 30-block area mesmerized by the different architectural styles and sizes. Within this Raleigh neighborhood is the Oakwood Cemetery, the final resting place of many notable North Carolina natives, including Margaret Mitchell’s first husband who may have been her inspiration for Rhett Butler.

We think of Oakwood as one of the best neighborhoods in Raleigh NC, because of its delicate balance of old and modern. On one hand, there’s the genteel history of the local gardens and clubs, and on the other is the modern bustle of downtown Raleigh, including its great restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Serene Brier Creek

Nestled between Raleigh, Durham, and Cary-Apex, Brier Creek is not only a great place to raise a family, but it’s got enough entertainment options to cater to everyone’s taste. It’s home to some of the best private and public schools in Wake County. When it’s time to unwind, residents can venture over to the RDU Observation Park next to the international airport’s traffic control tower for some plane-watching.

For those who crave more lush surroundings, William B. Umstead State Park has 22 miles of serene trails for camping, picnics, or meandering through the forests. For a more adult night out, many of the local craft breweries offer regular tours and tastings that nicely complement the delicious restaurants. With so much to choose from, we think that Brier Creek is one of Raleigh’s brightest spots.

Luxurious Six Forks

Families moving to Raleigh, NC, looking for spacious three-, four- and five-bedroom homes need not look any further than Six Forks. It’s a centrally-located neighborhood with several hospitals nearby along with more than a dozen elementary, middle, and high schools. There are ample shopping and entertainment opportunities, apart from a few convenience stores.

For anyone who wants to take a quick trip downtown, there’s easy access to the Beltline for the 10-minute trip, or they can spend a relaxing afternoon at the JC Raulston Arboretum, renowned for its diverse collection of landscape plants. We find that the one thing that makes Six Forks a beloved neighborhood is its small-town feel. It’s a resoundingly friendly area that’s safe enough for residents to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the atmosphere day or night.

Plenty to Do in North Hills

North Hills is a polished gem those living in Raleigh NC would appreciate. Commonly referred to as Midtown, there are more than 40 restaurants within half a mile, in addition to no end of indie and high-end boutique shops for locals to enjoy. On top of that, there are walking food tours to fit any palate. The Crabtree Valley Mall is great for family outings on a cool spring day or a kid-free date night.

Just when it looked like this neighborhood couldn’t be more amazing, the North Hills Club provides plenty of social and fitness opportunities for family and friends. Homes range from quaint to luxurious and are the results of recent 2004 renovations that turned a 60-year-old town into arguably one of the most active and best neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC.

Downtown Raleigh

Mordecai, One of the Most Historic Raleigh Neighborhoods

Mordecai has a reputation as the historic birthplace of the 17th US President, Andrew Johnson, making it a charming place to live. Located just north of Oakwood, it’s considered one of the foodie-friendliest places. There are plenty of food and drink tours to indulge in as well as local parks and restaurants. With a low crime rate and affordable housing, Mordecai has a lot to offer individuals and families looking for a nice quiet place to call home.

Be a Part of South Park’s Growth

We consider South Park an emerging jewel. Not far from Shaw University, the country’s second HBCU, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this neighborhood is just south of downtown and is a part of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission. South Park has houses that date back to the mid-nineteenth century that is built in a variety of styles, including Neoclassical and Colonial Revival.

There’s a lot of exciting commercial development planned for the area, including office space and retail. This Raleigh neighborhood is home to the Duke Energy Performing Arts Center, which hosts many live venues and events. Residents can also explore Dorothea Dix Park, a favorite local hangout that’s a rich mixture of historical architecture and stunning landscapes. With all that is slated to happen, South Park will be an even hotter spot than it is now.

Cameron Village Feels Like Home

Just a few minutes from downtown Raleigh, Cameron Village is all about living a quiet life. There are a number of restaurants and diners dotting the lush landscape and the best thing is that everything is within walking distance. Many of the houses were built in the 80s and some were from before 1939 including Plantation properties and some single-story ranch style homes.

Cameron Village is a middle-class neighborhood that’s as great for young professionals as it is for retirees with its laid-back vibe. One of the highlights is the vast regional library, which hosts numerous events and has ample resources available for students and professionals looking for meeting venues. Another landmark is Pullen Park, which was founded in 1887, making it the fifth oldest Park in the country. Overall, there are plenty of reasons for moving to this Raleigh neighborhood, but the most important one is that it feels like the best place to put down roots.

Modern Suburbia of Boylan Heights

A home for sale in Boylan Heights won’t be on the market for long. Why is this Raleigh neighborhood such a hot property? One reason: it gives residents the best of two worlds. On one hand, the local Amtrak is the gateway to a thriving and electric nightlife people enjoy. On the other hand, this neighborhood also caters to the quiet suburban side with its long winding streets.

Sure, there’s that down-home feel as people converse from their porches or walk their dogs. But it’s the community events, like the annual Art Walk, that really bring people together. Those who live in and around Boylan Heights recognize the sentimental value that’s mingled with each home, and that’s why home buying opportunities there are often fleeting.

A House in Boylan Heights

There’s More to Consider 

Along with these amazing areas, there’s one more to consider. Located in South Raleigh, near Highway 401, Mornington is a neighborhood whose natural beauty shines through its wooded landscape and surrounding natural lakes and parks. It’s also home to Mornington Estates, custom homes crafted with the wants and needs of homeowners in mind. Whether single- or multi-story, we provide affordable, spacious houses that complement the natural, quiet surroundings. Contact us about developing the home of your dreams.

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