When you’re considering building a new house in Raleigh, you’ll discover that many areas, including Mornington Estates, offer energy efficient homes. These houses are constructed with an eye toward efficiency; from the frame to the appliances, each element is designed to use fewer resources. 

Since efficient homes often come with a higher initial investment than older models or non-efficient homes, it’s important to understand the benefits. After all, an efficient house does more than reduce your ecological footprint – it can also cut your costs, improve your quality of living, and create a healthier environment for your family.

1. Building an Efficient Home Reduces Heat Loss

When building an energy efficient home, experienced construction professionals use the latest techniques and tools. Every joint is tight and stable, each seam is tightly finished, and all of the outlets and window seals are gap-free. To add an extra layer of protection, builders use spray-foam insulation to create an effective barrier between the home and the outside world. 

This type of airtight build means that when you turn on the heating or air conditioning, the warm or cool air stays inside where it belongs. Since you’re not losing air to gaps and leaks, you use less electricity overall. In comparison to older homes, which are prone to drafts and gaps, efficient homes offer a significant reduction in heat loss.

1. Building an Efficient Home Reduces Heat Loss

2. Energy Efficient Houses Reduce Your Utility Bills

In addition to high-quality construction, energy-efficient homes in Raleigh employ sophisticated technology that’s engineered to use fewer resources. It begins with the major systems; by choosing efficient furnaces, HVAC units, and water heaters, these homes automatically reduce wasted energy. At Mornington Estates, we take it a step further by installing efficient components in every room of the house. Energy-efficient lights, toilets, faucets, and kitchen appliances work together to reduce electricity and water use. The difference is significant. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, appliances lead to big reductions in energy use. An ENERGY STAR refrigerator with a top freezer, for example, can use up to 25% less electricity than a standard model. An ENERGY STAR dishwasher offers a 50% reduction in water use, and in the laundry room, your ENERGY STAR washing machine uses 20% less water and 35% less electricity. As a result, energy-efficient homes offer significantly lower utility bills from day one.

3. Energy Efficient Homes Offer a Healthier and More Comfortable Living Environment

Energy-efficient houses are well ventilated, which creates a cozy environment free of excess humidity. That’s a big deal, particularly during Raleigh’s hot, humid summers and cool winters. Since these houses are built to reduce leaks and drafts, they stay comfortable for longer during heavy storms and power outages.

By building an energy-efficient home, you automatically eliminate some of the hazards that are common to older structures, including mold, mildew, and allergen buildup. According to the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition, energy-efficient structures lead to improved respiratory health. As a result, your family enjoys fewer missed days of school and work as well as fewer doctor visits, leading to a better quality of life. Efficient structures are usually less prone to fires, gas leaks, and other hazards.

4. Reduced Risk of Pests

If you’ve ever dealt with ants, termites, or other household pests, you know that they can be unpleasant and expensive to eradicate. With efficient homes, you can rest easy. Each structure is carefully sealed, so it blocks all of the common entry points used by insects and other critters.

The HVAC system, in particular, plays a crucial role in pest prevention. In older homes, leaky or broken ducts enable insects to get in, particularly in the attic or basement. We pay careful attention to these vulnerable areas, sealing them off and using high-quality components.

5. Lower Environmental Impact

When you choose an energy-efficient house, the benefits go far beyond your personal sphere. Your home is one of the biggest contributors to your personal environmental impact. In many cases, it has more of an effect than your car. Using fewer resources can help improve the environment, both in the United States and beyond. 

An efficient building automatically consumes less electricity and water than its inefficient counterparts. That translates to a reduction in greenhouse gases that are created by power plants, reduced use of fossil fuels, and a smaller burden on the water supply. Plus, you’ll be contributing to better air quality in the local area.

If you’re concerned about climate change, your home is often where you can make the biggest difference. Since you have complete control over the choices in a new home build, it’s possible to take big steps toward reducing your family’s ecological footprint.

5. Lower Environmental Impact

6. Efficient Designs Offer Enhanced Control

When you choose an energy-efficient design, it usually comes with the latest in technology and efficient home layouts. In addition to the automatic reduction in energy use, these systems are often compatible with sophisticated controls that help you manage each part of the house with precision.

One common example is the HVAC system. In an efficient, modern home, the HVAC unit can be customized with a smart thermostat that you can program to match your schedule. That way, it maintains a low energy setting when you’re away at work or school, and automatically adjusts to a more comfortable temperature right before you get home. 

Smart lights turn on and off as you enter and leave rooms, and smart power outlets cut the flow of electricity when devices are switched off. Together, these advanced control systems reduce your energy consumption and utility bills even further.

7. Energy Efficient Houses Offer Better Resale Value

Are you planning to sell your home in the future? Building an efficient home can improve your selling prospects. When you’re ready to list the home, an efficient design automatically makes it more attractive to potential buyers. When a home is built with efficiency in mind, the buyer doesn’t need to worry about making updates or purchasing new appliances – they can simply move in and start enjoying the benefits. For families and busy professionals who don’t have time for renovations, this is an attractive feature.

Keep in mind that modern buyers are savvy. Whether you’re marketing your home to an environmentally conscious millennial or a cost-conscious senior, efficiency is a crucial selling point. Plus, since the efficient features are original to the home, it has an automatic advantage over older homes that have been retrofitted for efficiency. In the end, your efficient building is more likely to sell faster and bring in a higher profit.

Energy Efficient Homes in Raleigh

At Mornington Estates, we’re proud to offer a full selection of brand-new efficient houses that elevate your North Carolina experience. Our experienced team takes great care to optimize every aspect of your home, from the smallest joint up to the full HVAC system. Whether you’re choosing a place to retire or you’re a first-time homebuyer, an efficient house can help you cut costs, improve your return on investment, and create a safe and comfortable living environment. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and find out if an efficient house is right for you.