Locals and new residents alike often say Raleigh is one of the best cities to live in North Carolina, competing with other well-known hot spots like Charlotte and Asheville, and they are right. As the state capital of North Carolina, Raleigh offers a little something for everyone.

From a well-established cultural scene to locally grown, artisan food, Raleigh is a vibrant city with a rich history. Raleigh has also seen incredible development over the past decade and was named the 10th fastest growing city in the U.S. The boom is often attributed to diverse, young professionals looking for new opportunities as well as retirees ready for a forever home in an exciting city. If you’re not convinced yet, here are eight more reasons to join hundreds of others who are moving to the City of Oaks every year.

1. Small-Town Flair Mixed With Big-City Bustle

Raleigh is a unique mix of small-town community and high-energy metropolis, all in the same area. Many Raleigh suburbs are within close proximity to local farmers’ markets, restaurants, and bars. And with more and more Raleigh real estate investments expected to occur in the coming years, residents will likely see an increase in town centers and specialty stores, further attracting others to the area.

Southern Wake County, for example, is a fresh, high-energy neighborhood that incorporates the nearby Raleigh nightlife into quiet, residential living for new homeowners and families. With a good dose of old-fashioned southern charm, you’ll always have a great community around you.

1. Small-Town Flair Mixed With Big-City Bustle

2. Close Proximity to Both the Mountains and the Beach

Living in Raleigh NC doesn’t just mean living in an urban area. Unlike major cities such as New York or Chicago, Raleigh is equidistant to a stunning coastline and rugged mountains, perfect for a weekend or vacation getaway. Head to the Boone or Asheville area to get a picturesque view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and to hike the expansive network of nature trails. 

If the beach is more your style, go on a short drive to either Wrightsville Beach or Ocean Isle and take in North Carolina’s beautiful coast. When you’re just looking to get out and explore, Raleigh is filled with outdoor parks and other nature spots.

3. Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

Many new homeowners and retirees are attracted to Raleigh’s mild climate and friendly community. But many say the affordability of Raleigh real estate and the low associated living costs are the best parts about moving there. The Raleigh real estate market is booming with more and more homes being built every day and a growing population of over 1.21 million people available to fill them. 

With this high demand, you’ll never be out of options (and neighborhoods) to choose from. Since 2019, Raleigh home values have appreciated nearly 3% and are continuing to rise, so there has never been a better time to buy a home in or near Raleigh. Raleigh’s cost of living is also 5% less than the national average and far less than most comparable state capitals.

4. Several Educational Opportunities

Raleigh puts education front and center, and whether you’re looking for a college degree or a grade school for your kids, you’ll have no shortage of great options. North Carolina State University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are three nationally ranked universities all within close proximity to Raleigh. This means that the city is often filled with young students attending educational conferences or speaker sessions. 

Raleigh also has a great mix of private, charter, and public schools serving kids K-12. The Wake County Public School System is highly regarded as one of the best in the nation and serves over 160,000 students.

5. A Running Calendar of Sights and Sounds

As you window shop under leafy oak trees with a cup of artisan coffee, you may hear live music or a crowd drinking at a local brewery. This is an everyday reality for people living in Raleigh NC as there is always something new to do or an activity to try. 

As the state’s capital, Raleigh has a deep cultural history and rich African-American heritage. Shaw University, founded in 1865, is the first historically black university in the South and is located in downtown Raleigh. 

Raleigh also offers some of the best concerts and local artists in the state. If you want to check out some sports action, catch a Carolina Hurricanes hockey match at downtown PNC Arena or even get into a pick-up basketball game at a local park. With a great mix of all four seasons, there will be something to do in Raleigh every day of the year.

6. Great Opportunities for Career Advancement

Raleigh is a part of the Research Triangle Park, a tri-city area which also includes Durham and Chapel Hill. Raleigh is a hub of research innovation and life science entrepreneurship, and more than 1,800 startups have been founded in and around the city since the 1970s. Now, the city is becoming more and more attractive to biotechnology companies looking for the best Raleigh real estate investing options and other resources to get their ideas off the ground.

In addition, major companies like Red Hat and Advance Auto Parts are headquartered in Raleigh. Though research is a popular field, Raleigh also offers jobs across every industry and area. The average salary is almost $4,000 higher than the national average, creating even more opportunities for growth and career advancement.

6. Great Opportunities for Career Advancement

7. World-Class Health Care

Due to its extensive network of hospitals and premier access to research, Raleigh offers some of the best health care in the nation. With many families calling Raleigh home, there is a significant need for 24-hour, quality care from dedicated doctors and nurses. Duke Raleigh Hospital, part of the Duke Health Network, is world-renowned for outstanding medical care and customer service. Often, you never know when you or a loved one will experience illness or injury, so quick, careful attention is a necessity. Raleigh has this and, according to its residents, exceeds all expectations.

8. Amazing Food and Drink Options

Last, but by no means least, Raleigh is quickly becoming a foodie’s paradise. It is home to a diverse array of food options, including Southern fried seafood, Indian- and Asian-inspired cuisine, and top-rated steakhouses. Raleigh is perhaps best known for its craft breweries and locally sourced ingredients. Brewery Bhavana is a modern, maker-inspired hub of beer, flowers and books, and a fan favorite among locals and visitors alike. For Sunday brunch, check out Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, a top-rated spot for North Carolina’s famous biscuits and fried chicken. 

As one of the best cities to live in North Carolina, Raleigh will only get better in the coming years. With its excellent quality of life and exciting new opportunities, Raleigh is a great place to secure both a home and a new future.

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