Modern farmhouse style has come into its own in 2020, 2021, and if we read the signs correctly, it will be around for quite a while. Perhaps it started developing due to the minimalist trend that reigned supreme during the last decade of the previous century and the first part of the 2000s. Whatever the case may be, for the last couple of years, a growing number of homeowners have developed a strong preference for surrounding themselves with things that exude character and a warm personality, which is one of the trademarks of contemporary farmhouse decor.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

There are quite a few similarities between a country and a modern style. However, there are differences in a country style, and that is elements of kitsch. In contrast, a modern farmhouse is more of a minimalist approach. Another difference is that there is a strong emphasis on accessories with country style, while with modern farmhouse decor, accessories are minimalist.

With the classic farmhouse style, vintage furniture and traditional materials are also abundant. In contrast, modern decor is decidedly less rustic and embraces modern touches with smooth lines and neutral colors. 

Therefore, the typical modern farmhouse interior is a balanced mix of the new and the old to create a soothing ambiance. 

What Materials Are Popular With Modern Farmhouse Decor?

A Modern Farmhouse Living Room With Shiplap, Exposed White Beams, a Fireplace, and Furniture on Hardwood Floors.

The foundation of contemporary farmhouse style starts with natural and organic materials. For example, a modern farmhouse kitchen could feature a large sink and marble countertops. 

While a strictly modern home will typically rely on polished stones, sleek surfaces, and a clean-looking palette (often stainless steel), the modern farmhouse style also tries to add a solid natural element.

To create the warmth and charm of the farmhouse style, one would typically combine modern materials with traditional finishes by using natural materials such as raw wood, leather, and exposed brickwork.

You can give your imagination virtually free reign here. Just keep the result cohesive, with a mix of heirlooms, unique discoveries, and arty decorations. All of the following are currently very popular: 

  • Pine furniture
  • Architectural salvage
  • Large yet comfortable pieces of furniture
  • Wrought iron accents
  • Wide plank floors
  • Barnboard details
  • Vintage accessories
  • Reclaimed wood

Use Neutral Colors in Contemporary Farmhouse Decor

Neutral colors and contemporary farmhouse decor go hand in hand. Therefore, an easy way to create this look is by starting with layers of creams, whites, and soft grays. By keeping to a predominantly neutral color scheme, you are laying the foundation for the modern freshness this style is known for.

Once you have your neutral backgrounds, the next step in creating a modern farmhouse interior is to add ‘modern’ elements such as contrasting colors. In this regard, black is trendy. However, adding touches of black to a white, cream, or gray background does not make the room feel darker. On the contrary, black combined with lighter colors creates a stunning backdrop for furnishings and rugs.

To add unique personal touches to your modern style, also consider using emerald greens, inky blues, charcoal grays, terracottas, and even pinks for handles, tile backsplashes, and even internal cabinet materials.

Another way of adding a personal touch to your modern farmhouse decor is by adding softer shades. For example, a touch of sage green and pastel pink can introduce a feminine element while keeping the current overall scheme intact.

Practical Tips For Creating a Modern Farmhouse Interior

The secret to creating the perfect farmhouse modern decor is comfort. Your visitors shouldn’t feel too scared to touch anything because it looks so fragile. And the furniture should look comfortable and inviting. Finally, the whole place should exude a homely ambiance and an air of fun and laughter. 

Once you’ve created a neutral color palette interspersed with touches of contrasting colors, start introducing a few natural wood tones. If possible, find salvaged woods that don’t look like they just came out of a factory. Knots, scratches, and nicks all help to create a more authentic look.

Also, use a variety of other textures to provide additional depth. You can, for example, mix metals and wood and combine those with fabrics such as chenille, wool, canvas, and cotton. Because contemporary farmhouse decor mainly comprises neutral colors, you will have to add various textures to keep the room from looking dull, boring, or one-dimensional.

You are free to use metal in architectural details, hardware, railings, and light fixtures. Don’t overdo this, though. As a rule of thumb, don’t use more than three metals in one specific room. 

Accessories can go a long way to add more depth to a contemporary farmhouse interior, as long as you do not overdo it. A handful of strategically placed accessories can, however, work wonders.

Another great tip when creating modern farmhouse decor is to introduce organic materials to make the room feel as if it’s connected to the great outdoors. A good example is using wood for architectural details and floors. Also, think about using sisal, wicker, stone, rattan, and similar natural materials.

To Create a Modern Farmhouse Style, Start With The Kitchen 

Beautiful Farm House Kitchen and Dining Space With Large Island

The kitchen is the ideal place to introduce the modern farmhouse style into your home. The natural warmth of this room lends itself perfectly to this style. And since most kitchens already feature a variety of modern appliances, it’s a good idea to begin your decor adventure here by trying to blend these with more earthy colors and textures.

Also, start thinking along the lines of exposed timber beams to create a sense of warmth and airiness. And why not add leather handles to your timber cupboard doors for that perfect country feeling?

While you are busy with wood, consider adding an oak island in the center of the kitchen. A kitchen island is a great space to prepare food and a gathering place for family and friends to share a meal while chatting the hours away.

There are many other ways to introduce a modern farmhouse style into your kitchen. You can, for example, use fashionable Shaker-style cabinets, sizable industrial light fixtures, and an extensive raw wood dining table where everyone can get together for a great time. However, when it comes to appliances, it’s best to steer clear of retro shapes. Instead, use modern stainless steel because you could easily stray into country farmhouse style instead of a contemporary farmhouse. 

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Final Thoughts On Creating The Perfect Contemporary Farmhouse Interior

With this article, we tried to convey the main characteristics of a contemporary farmhouse style. Do you think we succeeded? Where do you think we could improve? We would love to hear from you. Please visit our website or contact us with any questions.