There are several reasons why one would prefer to  buy farmhouse  property instead of an apartment. Usually, when you dream of buying a home, rarely do you imagine it being an apartment complex. Instead, you might picture an actual house with a garden and lawn.    

Therefore, it’s not surprising that in recent years, farmhouses have become trendy.

Let’s explain some common questions regarding country-house setups, such as, is farmhouse a good investment? And, how do you maintain a farmhouse? 

What is a Farmhouse?   

Before we look at the reasons why you might want to buy farmhouse  property instead of an apartment, let’s take a look at what a farmhouse is exactly. In the traditional setting, a farmhouse was a house that served as a residential dwelling on a piece of agricultural land.    

Usually, farmhouses were surrounded by a farm, or there would be a well-landscaped garden. Other people also refer to farmhouses as country houses. People would own a residential home in an urban area and also buy farmhouse  property in the country. 

Over time, as people started building more houses in the urban areas, these areas became a lot more crowded, and farmhouses became more lucrative as second homes.    

Families would go to farmhouses and spend their weekends in a quieter set up where they could be in touch with nature. 

Most people who invest in country-houses are those that have other homes already. Having a farmhouse is therefore seen as a luxury rather than a necessity by most. They are, however, not only restricted to the rich. Farmland is not as expensive as land in the city, therefore anyone with a good enough budget can make the purchase. This partially answers the question of why is farmhouse style so popular?   

There are different designs for country-houses. Some are traditional while others employ a more modern approach. Both designs have a certain agricultural theme or look. Typically, a country-house is sprawled on a large piece of land, with two big front porches. Nowadays, you can also find farmhouses that have two or more stories. 

North American Modern Belgian-Style Farmhouse

Why is Farmhouse Style so Popular?  

Country-houses Come with a Greater Degree of Freedom   

This is the most common answer to, why is farmhouse style so popular? Farmhouses are built on large chunks of land, where there are no other houses nearby. This means there is a greater degree of freedom involved.    

The space is entirely your own and you can do pretty much everything you like, from small family gatherings to weddings, without disturbing or offending anyone. They also offer more space for doing the things you love, like landscaping and growing a garden. Urban homes can be quite restrictive in that regard.    

There are very few apartments that give you the freedom to plant a garden. The space is usually too crowded, and the setup doesn’t allow you to access any soil. Unless the apartment is on the roof, and it has a private garden space, you won’t be able to exercise your green fingers.  

You Can Design Your Farmhouse the Way You Want 

When you buy farmhouse property, this affords you the chance to build your house the way you want. Compared to a city setup, there are fewer restrictions when it comes to farmhouse architecture. Apartments are usually built next to each other, so there is not much to change.   

Probably the only thing you can do in an apartment is to move a few walls or paint the walls inside. When you  buy farmhouse property,  you can get an architect to change your house design and renovate it the way you want. You can extend it and add more rooms or floors without any restrictions. This does not mean a farmhouse is hard to maintain as you will see when we answer the question of how do you maintain a farmhouse?  

As long as the design you want is structurally sound, there is literally no limit to what you can do. If the existing design is too different from what you want, you can even demolish and start everything from scratch. All that is not possible with an apartment. There are other apartments that will be adjacent to yours, and you will be sharing walls, therefore, demolishing and rebuilding is out of the question.   

Designs change with time, and you should be able to modify your property to keep up with modern trends. This will allow you to increase the value of your property as well. When you buy an apartment, there is a limit to what you can do as far as improving its design is concerned.  

Residential Homes Don’t Offer as Much Privacy 

Farmhouses are situated away from other people. If you are a person who desires privacy, then there is no better answer to why is farmhouse style so popular? You can even fence off your entire property. 

As a result, the only people who make it to your door are the ones you would have let in. That is not the case with apartments. If your neighbor feels like they want to knock and find you, they can do so anytime as there are no barriers to your door.    

In terms of apartments and privacy, there is also the problem of sound seepage. You could be having a private discussion with someone and your voices can make their way to the next apartment.    

People can end up with details that were never meant for them and knowing there are listening ears all around you can feel invasive. That will never happen in a country-house setup. If you need to discuss private matters with your family, you can be sure that it’s only the people in your house who can hear what you are saying.

An Apartment May Not Come with Good Neighbors   

If you buy an apartment and fail to get along with your neighbors, that can become a lifelong problem. It is not nice to stay in an area where you have to actively avoid or ignore some people.  

Plus, a lot happens when you are not getting along with people. If they are spiteful people, you might end up dealing with a lot of drama. In a farmhouse style setup, you can still maintain your peace amidst disagreements.    

Even if you and your neighbors don’t see eye to eye, you won’t get affected. You will rarely bump into them as they enter the apartment building or in the lift, or as they are getting out of their apartment. When you have a farmhouse, the chances of unplanned meetings with unwelcome neighbors are very low.  

Is Farmhouse a Good Investment?   

Many people ask, “Is farmhouse a good investment?” Fortunately, there are several reasons why buying a farmhouse can work for you financially. When you have a farmhouse, you can commercialize it. For instance, you can turn it into a venue for weddings and corporate functions. You can also establish a small resort depending on the size of your space, location, and budget.  

Besides commercializing it, a country-house is always a better investment overall. This is especially true if the land around it is fertile. As an owner, you can dispose of a small piece of the land and get cash when things are tight. This allows you the freedom to keep only the land you need and dispose of the rest that you don’t use. So, is farmhouse a good investment? The answer is a good, solid yes.  

How Do You Maintain a Farmhouse?   

Farm House in Rural Georgia, United States of America

Country-house maintenance is much the same as maintaining any other home. This should put your mind to rest if you’ve been wondering how do you maintain a farmhouse?   

The only difference is that you will probably have a bigger yard to deal with. This means that you might find yourself needing to landscape more and invest more in the outdoors than city houses and apartments. Other than that, all you have to do is stick to your regular home maintenance checklist and program.   

The Bottom Line on Why a Farmhouse is a Better Investment Than an Apartment

It can be a great privilege to own and live in a country-house and own one. If you are a person who is always busy and you can’t get enough time to plan a long holiday, you can always take your family to the farmhouse during weekends and enjoy some good old country air. 

There is a lot of movement in the city and sometimes you just need to relax and not hear anyone else. Kids can gather with their cousins, go hiking, swim, and do a lot of activities on a farmhouse, enjoying all the greenery around.     

If you work remotely, you can also have your own home office there, so that you can work and play at the same time. If you are deciding of whether to buy an apartment or country-house, you can get in touch with us, or leave a comment.   

We are more than willing to help you make the best decision and get the home that meets your budget and needs. You can also leave a comment below if you have any points to add or a question to ask.