The farmhouse style has been with us for a very long time for a couple of very good reasons: its welcoming coziness and warm-hearted vibe have enchanted generations of Americans. If you adore the farmhouse style but there are some aspects you don’t like, you’re lucky because there are other types of farmhouse styles to choose from. You might, for example, prefer the style (often also referred to as farmhouse chic). This is the classic farmhouse style without the vintage florals (for example), but with all the timelessness and warmth.

How Did The FarmHouse Style Originate?

The farmhouse style has its roots in Europe, more specifically in Scandinavia and Germany. Traditional types of farmhouses were exactly what the name says: houses built on farms to provide housing to those who owned and worked the farm. At that stage, the term ‘farmhouse’ referred more to a way of life than to a style. From Europe, it found its way to the United States during the 1700s. And as time went by the farmhouse style became part of US culture and spread beyond farms to small towns and eventually also to cities.

In those days these different types of farmhouses were not just places that kept you dry and warm. Every piece of furniture in such a home served a very specific purpose.

Whether you refer to it as classic, traditional, rustic, or vintage, farmhouse style, it has deep roots in our history. All these types of farmhouses drew inspiration from the earthiness of the early settlers’ farm homes. As such they mimic the feel and look of days gone by. The farmhouse style is characterized by minimalism and simplicity. It was, after all, shaped by the world in which farmhouse residents lived and their need for practical, sturdy furniture without any pretentiousness.

Traditional Wooden and Colorful Farmhouse in Smaland, Southern Sweden

Common Attributes Of The Classic Farmhouse Style

Natural Wood Accents

In the early days, there was an abundance of wood – making it a natural choice as a building material. Many of those early farm houses had exposed wood beams, wide-plank floors, and paneled wood walls. This is why contemporary classic farmhouse style often makes use of butcher block for countertops and barn board for accent paneling.

Traditional Furniture and Accessories

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home in the traditional farmhouse style is to use classic furniture. If they are in a less-than-perfect condition with a weathered finish here and there, even better. What looks particularly good in a traditional farmhouse is vintage-inspired lighting.

The Popularity Of Apron Sinks

Few pieces shout ‘farmhouse’ louder than an apron sink. In a classic farmhouse, this would typically be porcelain.

The Use Of Rustic Fabrics

In the traditional farmhouse style, decorating fabrics often lean toward paisley and floral, and slipcovers are often used to give vintage furniture a second lease on life.

You will see from the above that the traditional farmhouse style had its origins in simplicity. Furnishings are practical and sturdy. And because of the fact that wood was abundant in those early settler days, it remains very popular today. Aprons sinks are always popular and so are vintage fabrics, decor, and furniture. Kitchen cabinets are another old favorite among people who love the classic farmhouse style.

Why Does Farmhouse Style Remain So Popular?

There are many reasons why the farmhouse style is as popular today as it was many years ago. Below we list a couple of these reasons, but you will most likely be able to a few of your own.

1. It Is Approachable And Warm

This is clearly a feeling that many people want to create in their homes, both for their guests and themselves.

2. It Is a Relatively Versatile Style

One can easily mix this style with other styles such as traditional or industrial. Farmhouse style allows you to freely experiment with how much country inspiration you would like in your home.

3. Its Family Friendliness

The finishes and materials and the generally relaxed nature of this style work well for most families, particularly those with children, because a significant part of the metals and woods already have fairly dull finishes and a couple of nicks and dings. Apart from that, ‘chippy’ furniture looks naturally old. All of that gives the end product a lot of character.

4. You Can Find It Just About Everywhere

A quick search around your local stores will no doubt reveal a couple of hidden gems. And nowadays you can even find nice pieces for sale online.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse style (farmhouse chic) takes the relaxed and comfortable farmhouse style and adds to it a couple of contemporary touches such as glossy accents, smooth lines, and more neutral color schemes.

It’s a little bit more sophisticated than classic farmhouse and also less rustic. What particularly stands out in the style are granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and sleek lighting features.

Modern farmhouse style (farmhouse chic) has taken over many of the same elements that are so popular in the classic farmhouse style, but they follow a slightly more relaxed approach, with more emphasis on comfort.

Typically, for example, in the modern farmhouse style we find more contemporary touches such as fresh, neutral, open color schemes, smooth lines, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Many elements are more sophisticated and less rustic.

Modern farmhouse (farmhouse chic) decor also has a bigger emphasis on texture than its more traditional cousin. Think, for example, of things such as thick woolen blankets or carpets. Lighting fixtures are typically more modern and furniture dating back to the middle of the previous century is common in a home decorated in the modern farmhouse style.

Common Modern Farmhouse Style Principles

Modern Farmhouse or Beach House Interior

Below are a couple of general principles one finds in the modern farmhouse style:

1. Natural Elements Remain Popular

With this style, it is best if you do not deviate too much from natural materials such as stone, distressed wood, and cotton. Also use natural fibers like rattan, sisal, and wicker and combine these with natural stone.

2. The Use Of Neutral Colors

Use warm or cool neutral colors such as beige, cream, grey, and silver to balance the natural elements mentioned above. Keep patterns simple yet modern and use a variety of different textures to bring a measure of depth to the neutral palette. The aim here is to make the room look more open and fresher.

3. Mix and Match

In terms of styles and materials, be sure to mix and match the new with the old. New furniture has added style and comfort, while traditional furniture has that unmistaken air of authenticity. Try to mix and match modern stainless steel furniture with natural, traditional furniture made from wood.

4. Minimalism Is King

The aim is to create an uncluttered yet cozy space with a minimum of accessories. Don’t forget that industrial or modern elements help to make your modern farm house style appear even more modern.

5. Practical Yet Comfortable

Pieces should not only be practical, but they should also be comfortable. Nothing should be so precious that you or your guests are too scared to use it regularly. Furnishings and accessories should make everyone feel welcome. And the room should have a feeling that it slowly evolved over the years.

6. A Combination Of Industrial And Modern Touches

In a modern farmhouse, the appliances and apron sink will very likely be stainless steel. Also, throw in industrial-style metal fixtures such as modern lighting and for a sleek appearance and feel. Combine this with mid-century furniture such as a teak dining set to complete the picture.

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