If you come by and visit Raleigh, NC, you will see that the city has everything from beautiful parks to plenty of family attractions and more.

Here are 10 things to do in Raleigh.

  1. Visit the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

You can find the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at 11 West Jones Street. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 5:00 p.m. This museum is the most visited one in all of North Carolina, and it is a historic landmark located in the downtown area of Raleigh. 

It is hard to miss the Museum of Natural Sciences thanks to its big planet just outside of its location. The museum is one of the best places to visit in Raleigh NC because it is the biggest natural history museum in the Southeastern United States. During your visit, you can get answers to some common questions concerning the natural sciences. 

One thing you can do while inside the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is look at the collections. You can also check out the exhibitions about natural sciences and the digital media school. If you’re interested in the museum’s involvement in community engagement in Raleigh, the Museum of Natural Sciences provides you with plenty of information on that topic as well.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 

  1. Stop by the North Carolina Museum of History

If you’re looking for something that is fun and educational to do, you can stop by the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh. A big reason why this museum is one of the top Raleigh attractions for family is that the admission is free for everyone. Raleigh is an old city full of history, and this museum contains plenty of stories. You can easily learn more about Raleigh’s history beginning in colonial times if you go to the North Carolina Museum of History.

  1. Swing by the State Capitol

If you are looking for the State Capitol building of North Carolina, you will find it on Edenton Street in Raleigh. The State Capitol building is a National Historic Landmark that was originally built in 1840. The building features Greek Revival-style architecture, making it a great spot for those interested in artistic structures. 

The State Capitol is one of the fun places in Raleigh NC since you can take a tour of the building. If you go on one of these tours, you will see the extraordinary rotunda centerpiece that builders added in 1970. This particular rotunda is a copy of the George Washington statue displayed in the State House from 1820 until 1831.

  1. Enjoy the Marbles Kids Museum

The Marbles Kids Museum is one of the most fun Raleigh attractions for family you will find in the city. The Marbles Kids Museum opened its doors back in 2007 in downtown Raleigh, and visitors learn through hands-on activities in this museum. One of the exhibits, “Tree Tunes,” gives children the opportunity to make music inspired by nature itself. “Splash” is another exhibit where you and your family can learn in a zone with a water theme. The Marbles Kids Museum also includes an IMAX cinema where you can watch current blockbusters and unique educational films. 

  1. Take in Raleigh’s Nature at Pullen Park

Pullen Park is one of the best parks in Raleigh. The park encompasses 66.5 acres just west of Raleigh’s downtown area. Pullen Park opened in 1887, and you and your family will definitely find something fun to do here. 

The area includes an outdoor theater, an arcade, and a café. Pullen Park ranks as one of the best parks in Raleigh since it also includes an arts center and an aquatic center. If you just want to do some outdoor activities, like playing basketball or tennis, you can do that at Pullen Park as well. Of course, you can always just kick back and enjoy a picnic using one of the on-site picnic areas. 

  1. Check Out an Extensive Plant Collection

If you go to the North Carolina State University campus, you can visit the JC Raulston Arboretum. With more than 6,500 plants from across the world, the site features one of the biggest plant collections in the Southeastern region of the United States. The gardens are open daily and are free to visitors. You can also go on guided tours of the Arboretum on Sundays from March through October. 

  1. Appreciate Art From All Over the World

You might find it interesting to know that the North Carolina Museum of Art was the very first major museum of any kind in the United States that a state paid to create. The museum first opened back in 1956. Today, the museum’s exhibits feature American, European, and African art purchased with public funds. You can join one of the museum’s daily tours Tuesday through Friday.

  1. Look at an 18th-Century House

Registered as a National Historic Landmark, the Mordecai House dates back to 1785. The Mordecai House is the oldest home in the entire city of Raleigh, and it used to house the biggest plantation in Wake County. The city has restored some parts of the house to their original state, and they did this by using documents that Ellen Mordecai left behind. 

Mordecai House

  1. Go to the J.S. Dorton Arena

The J.S. Dorton Arena is unique among the top places to visit in Raleigh NC. Originally, the building served farmers and workers in other industries, but it now hosts entertainment events. Since its construction in 1951, many people have visited the building to view its unique construction, which features a suspended roof that does not require any steel supports. Today, you can attend various events at the J.S. Dorton Arena, including circuses, sports games, concerts, and even the North Carolina State Fair. Because of the roof construction, you will have a clear view regardless of where you are sitting in the arena. 

  1. Watch a Play at the Little Theater

The Raleigh Little Theater is a community theater that produces approximately 10 productions a year to both entertain and educate the community. You are enjoying a part of Raleigh’s history when you watch a play at the Raleigh Little Theater since the theater was originally built in 1936. The theater is definitely one of the most fun places in Raleigh NC. 

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