Raleigh real estate‏ ‏is one of the hottest property markets in the United States at the moment and for plenty of reasons. Due to the high demand, most people who want to buy new construction homes in Raleigh have to place bids on a few houses before finally getting the chance to sign papers for a new home. If you are one of the people waiting for the next house to be listed, you might want to ensure that the moment you set your eyes on one, you quickly go see it in person before the owner is overrun by multiple offers. Here are some of the reasons why Raleigh real estate is hot right now and why you must buy a house there. ‏

A Great Community

Friendly Woman Tending an Organic Vegetable Stall at a Farmer’s Market and Selling Fresh Vegetables From the Rooftop Garden‏One of the most appealing aspects of Raleigh real estate is that it’s a community with a small-town feel. Once you have moved in, you only have to give yourself a few months before people know your face, and that’s all they need to know. This means there are high chances you will keep meeting people you have met before and recognize their faces. This aspect of Raleigh makes it a highly comfortable place where almost everyone is a familiar face. While it might not be apparent at first, you will realize how true this is after living in Raleigh for about six months.‏

‏If you are the kind of person who enjoys meeting new people and constantly running into the ones you have met before, then you might want to buy a home or an investment property in Raleigh. This small town is just large enough to allow you to meet new people but still remain a somewhat familiar environment. ‏

‏Raleigh currently has a population of about 500 000 as of 2019. This is a massive jump from the year 2000, when the city had a population of about 290 000 folks. As you might imagine, this makes Raleigh one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., and that will present a lot of opportunities when it comes to acquiring an investment property. Apart from that, there are several ways you will benefit from this fast-paced growth, with the chief benefit being lots of job and business opportunities.‏

Lots of Job Opportunities‏

‏Have you heard about Apple coming to Raleigh or Google coming to Raleigh? It’s happening, and that will add to the already abundant job opportunities in Raleigh. Raleigh is one of the few places in the United States where you will have an easy time finding a job. In fact, the city was ranked by Glassdoor as the number one City for Jobs in 2015! Currently, there are more than 24,000 job openings in Raleigh. With that many jobs, finding a job for yourself shouldn’t be that difficult. Apart from that, the job satisfaction rating in Raleigh is 3.3. This number might seem small, but it places Raleigh on the top end when it comes to being happy in the workplace.‏

‏The Research Triangle Park contributes a lot to why Raleigh is a great place for job seekers. Many executives will relocate to Raleigh to work in RTP, where you will find the headquarters of many companies. You will also find a lot of large companies outside of the RTP that offer six-figure salaries. If you get a chance to go to Downtown Raleigh, you will notice several companies, including RedHat and Citrix, which have established their headquarters there. With Google coming to Raleigh, there will be even more companies with offices in the city. ‏

‏There are certainly a lot of advantages associated with living in a city with lots of job openings. Apart from the obvious, which is that you will find it quite easy to find a job, companies will be competing for talent, and this means you will get very comfortable offers if you have in-demand skills. It also presents great promise if you are planning to acquire an investment property. You will most likely find a lot of people looking for places to rent, and this gets better with Apple coming to Raleigh. Their employees will need places to stay. ‏

Raleigh Homes are Affordable, But Not For Long‏

‏It might come as a surprise, given the demand for new construction homes Raleigh deals with, but the city has some of the most affordable homes in the nation. Whether you want to purchase a home in Downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh, or in one of the suburbs, you will appreciate the fact that the homes are priced fairly for the standard of living and the booming economy. You will most likely not be able to get a better deal elsewhere.‏

‏As you might imagine, the affordability of new construction homes in Raleigh and the high-quality life means a lot of people are starting to move to Raleigh, as indicated by the population increase. There are also rumors of Google coming to Raleigh and Apple coming to Raleigh. This will not only increase the population but the growing demand for homes as well. While the prices are affordable now, they might not be so in the near future. If you want to take advantage of the prices, which are lower now than almost everywhere else, you need to make a move and get a home now. ‏

‏Apart from the low prices of houses, the cost of living in Raleigh is significantly lower than in major cities like San Francisco, Austin, and California. While you may associate a lower cost of living with lesser standards, that is not the case with Raleigh. ‏

It’s Like Living With Nature

Free Woman Breathing Clean Air in Nature Forest. ‏Who doesn’t love wooded neighborhoods? One of the first things you will notice as you fly into Raleigh is that it’s almost as if you are landing in the middle of a forest. It’s not surprising why it is then nicknamed the “City of Oaks” due to its sheer number of majestic oak trees. Everyone who moves to Raleigh seems to fall in love with the Oak tree-lined streets. These trees symbolize wisdom and knowledge, and they contribute a lot to the city’s relaxed, small town-like feeling.‏

‏Apart from the oak trees, there are a lot of pine trees and green spaces in Raleigh as well. Most people who visit this place can’t stop talking about how GREEN Raleigh is. So it makes a lot of sense to say that buying a home in Raleigh is a lot like moving in with nature. ‏

Raleigh Education is Impressive‏

‏When it comes to education, ‏Raleigh‏ ‏is ranked as the second most educated city in the United States. There are several universities within a short distance of the city, and this explains why Raleigh places a high priority on the quality of education. If you are interested in finding great schools in Raleigh before you purchase a home, you can try to find homes for sale by the school district. That way, you will buy a lovely home in a school district you like!‏

‏Do you agree with us that buying a house in Raleigh would be a good idea right now? If you do, then you are not the only one. Contact us if you need help getting home in Raleigh. We have helped a lot of families and individuals successfully move to Raleigh, and you can trust that our advice and services are the best in town.