Ranch Style Houses
for Sale in Raleigh, NC

Ranch-style homes are made up of floor plans where everything in the house is on just one story. Many don’t know that the traditional ranch-style architecture (California ranch) has a deep-rooted historical combination of Spanish Colonial and Modern architecture. They emerged in the American real estate landscape during the 1920s, but didn’t become extremely popular until after World War II and have recently experienced a revival in demand. If you’re looking for ranch-style homes for sale in the Raleigh, NC area, check out Mornington Estates. Our amazing floor plans will give you all the style and convenience you’re looking for.

Residents like ranches for their accessibility and style, as well as the design simplicity and illusion of space in a one-story floor plan. Typically, these homes feature an attached garage, long, low roofline that extends the length of the asymmetrical design. Larger windows that allow natural light inside are also a staple of this popular design.

Benefits of a Ranch-Style Home

There are many excellent reasons to invest in a new ranch home in Raleigh, NC. If you’re deciding on a floor plan for your custom house, consider some of the major draws of living in a ranch versus a two-story :

  • More Open Space: Since most designs are one-story, the lack of staircases gives ranches the ability to devote more space to actual living space. And because the interior walls are often not supporting as much weight as a two-story home, ranch-style homes feature a more open floor plan.

  • Safety: Ranches are perfect for anyone with mobility issues, especially small children, anyone with a motor disability, and senior citizens. Fewer stairs mean fewer chances of accidents. Having the entire living quarters on the main floor makes this very convenient.

  • Easy Access: Living in a ranch-style home makes it easier to get to the roof, windows, and trim. If you like to do your own home repairs or hang Christmas lights, a ranch is a perfect option for you.

  • Quick Departures:Ranch homes are designed to offer easy access to the yard and outside. Most will feature sliding glass doors that open up to a deck or patio. With our convenient floor plans, it will be easy to just step outside and enjoy the outside of your home!

Modern Ranch-Style Houses

Ranch-style houses had their heyday in the 1950s, and individuals born during this time are playing a major role in their recent rise in popularity. More and more millennials are becoming homeowners and looking for homes to raise their young families. During the time of purchasing their first home, this demographic is looking for a practical yet popular functional home that will accommodate a growing family. Raleigh is attracting a strong young professional population that is in the market for homes with their families and ranch-style homes in Raleigh, NC, are a great choice.

Aging baby boomers are often choosing ranch houses due to a combination of nostalgia from their youth and practical lifestyle applications. People are living longer these days and growing more and more invested in the idea of “aging in place.” This means they want to be able to live out their golden years in their existing home, and one of the biggest daily hurdles most seniors face is climbing stairs. Therefore, single floor homes that naturally remove that obstacle from the equation simply make sense. The ranch-style houses that are being built today often make use of open floor plans for extra mobility and added brightness. They also tend to be well-built and affordable, with the ability to customize amenities and other specifications.

At Mornington Estates, our custom-built new construction homes allow you to choose from various functional and luxurious floor plans and customize all the details to your exact likings. Just a short drive from d owntown, check out the ranch homes for sale in Raleigh, NC, at Mornington Estates.

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