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A Colorful Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina Cityscape View From a Park in Spring.

The Best Places to Live in Raleigh, NC‏

Raleigh is one of the best places to plant roots, and there are lots of options for where to live in Raleigh NC. Apart from being a hub for various

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Drone Skyline Aerial.

Four Beautiful Places to Visit in Raleigh, NC‏

There are lots of fun and beautiful places you can visit in the capital of North Carolina. If you are a traveler and looking for beautiful places in Raleigh‏, you

Beautiful Farm House

Reasons to Buy Farm House Instead of an Apartment

There are several reasons why one would prefer to  buy farmhouse  property instead of an apartment. Usually, when you dream of buying a home, rarely do you imagine it being

Beautiful Farmhouse With Beams and Stone

The Difference between Classic and Modern Farmhouse

The farmhouse style has been with us for a very long time for a couple of very good reasons: its welcoming coziness and warm-hearted vibe have enchanted generations of Americans.

Young Repairman Repairing Ceiling Air Conditioning Unit

How to Save Energy and Reduce Cooling Cost

In hot parts of the US such as Texas and Florida, staying cool is an expensive exercise that costs the average family hundreds of dollars a year. That does not

Swimming Pool in Back of Luxury Home With Wood Deck

Pros And Cons Of Having A Swimming Pool In Backyard

Most of your friends will be thrilled if you tell them that you plan to buy a home with a backyard swimming pool or to build one. A pool provides

Suburban Neighborhood Brick Ranch Style Home

Ranch-Style House History

The modern ranch style house is a uniquely American design from the 20th century. First designed in the early 1920s, the style experienced a major boom in the years following

Builder Installing Insulating Board Into Roof of House

The Importance of Insulation in the Home

Building insulation can have a lot of applications, from sound- and vibration-proofing to fire insulation, but by far the most common use is for temperature control, particularly in homes. If

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Downtown City Skyline.

10 Things to Do in Raleigh, NC

If you come by and visit Raleigh, NC, you will see that the city has everything from beautiful parks to plenty of family attractions and more. Here are 10 things

A Beautiful House in NC

Things You Need to Buy a House in NC in 2021

If you are thinking of buying a house in North Carolina in 2021, there are many steps that you should take as a part of the home-buying process. Here is

Raleigh, NC

8 of the Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC

Anyone who's planning on moving to Raleigh NC has so many great locations to choose from. That's why we've come up with a shortlist of the best Raleigh neighborhoods with

Luxury House With Driveway to Garage

Benefits of Having a Home With a Garage

Houses with 3 car garages tend to go against the grain of household normalcy. However, there are plenty of benefits to building a home with space for up to three

6 Reasons to Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home

6 Reasons to Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home

Saving money on your energy bills usually sounds like a great idea, but if you're interested in how you can make the most out of your endeavors to spend as

Traditional Farm House Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

Traditional Farmhouse: Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

The Evolution of Today's Traditional Farmhouse In the United States, the real estate market can be divided into three broad categories and demographics: urban, suburban, and rural. The urban housing

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the NC Real Estate Market - Mornington Estates

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the NC Real Estate Market

The initial predictions that the COVID-19 crisis would lead to doom for the housing markets have been the exact opposite of what has happened. While the pandemic has not necessarily

Should You Buy a New House or Renovate

Should You Buy a New House or Renovate?

The proliferation of home renovation shows on television today has many people fascinated with the idea of renovating their home or buying a fixer-upper. Just what are the real costs

11 Things to Know When Buying a Home in Raleigh NC

What Are the Things To Look for When Buying a House in Raleigh NC

In today's world, buying a house is getting more and more difficult. With home prices and the cost of living increasing, owning a home doesn't seem feasible for some people.

Phase Three of Our Community Development Is Available for Pre-Sale

Phase Three of Our Community Development Is Available for Pre-Sale

Mornington Estates is one of Raleigh's most distinctive new home communities. Each phase of construction has been meticulously planned to offer a sense of understated elegance amid a gorgeous North

Top 8 Reasons to Move to Raleigh, NC

Living in Raleigh NC | Top Reasons To Move

Locals and new residents alike often say Raleigh is one of the best cities to live in North Carolina, competing with other well-known hot spots like Charlotte and Asheville, and

Top 7 Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

Top 7 Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

When you're considering building a new house in Raleigh, you'll discover that many areas, including Mornington Estates, offer energy efficient homes. These houses are constructed with an eye toward efficiency;

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